Halloween with Your Pet

October 15th, 2013

Here is a great article found at petcentric.com to get some tips about how to handle the upcoming holiday with your dog. Halloween with Your Pet: Keeping Things Safe and Fun By Chrissie Klinger Pumpkin cat Halloween with your pet can be fun, but there may be a few challenges as well. Whether you'll be taking your pet trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or handing out candy at home, planning ahead will help you and your pet have a frightfully good time. Here are a few tricks you can use to make sure things run smoothly. Trick-or-Treating with Pets If you live in a neighborhood filled with children and pets, it may be especially fun to take your pet trick-or-treating. Getting your pet a costume is the easy part. The "tricky" part is getting your pet to take all of the commotion that goes on during the holiday in stride. If your pet is scared of certain things or gets really excited around groups of children, it may be best to leave him home or just take him out for a short time. If you do take your pet trick-or-treating, make sure to keep him on a very secure leash so you can keep him right next to you at all times. Retractable leashes are not a good idea for trick-or-treat night. It's very easy to get tangled up with other people or lose control of your pet if something spooks him. If your neighborhood does trick-or-treating at night, make sure your pet wears reflective gear so that he can be spotted in the dark. Some homes you visit may have dog bones or cat treats, in addition to candy for kids, but it's a good idea to bring treats of your own. And make sure your pet doesn't eat Halloween candy. Giving Out Treats If you decide against taking your pet trick-or-treating, consider getting your pet involved in giving out treats. If you have a well-behaved pet, he can join you on the porch and greet trick-or-treaters; however, do realize that some children are afraid of dogs or cats. Make sure your pet can be taken inside quickly if he frightens one of the trick-or-treaters. It's also best to have a gate or other barrier between your pet and trick-or-treaters, since some kids could accidentally hurt your pet. If your indoor cat is prone to trying to run out the door, it's best to keep her in a separate part of the house for Halloween night. Finally, keep pet-friendly treats nearby to give to other dogs and cats that are trick-or-treating, and, of course, to give to your pet throughout the night as a reward for good behavior. Making the Final Decision There are both pros and cons to celebrating Halloween with your pet. You can determine if your pet can handle Halloween festivities by practicing ringing the doorbell and playing some Halloween music or sounds of kids screaming, crying, and laughing. If your pet is unfazed by these noises during a normal day, they will likely be less scared on Halloween night and may be ready for a night filled with treats and spooky fun. Have you had a good experience with your pet on Halloween? Tell us about it in the comments! About the Author: Chrissie Klinger Chrissie is a freelance writer and Pupcycled blogger who shares her home with a husband, two kids, three dogs, and two cats. Having lived with multiple cats and dogs her whole life, she enjoys sharing her experiences and ideas with others. - See more at: http://www.petcentric.com/Inspiration/Articles/Halloween-with-Your-Pet-Keeping-Things-Safe-and-Fun.aspx?articleid=16b94068-16d4-4592-a77e-ebc09cef6c7d#sthash.bsYRlCAY.dpuf

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