How to Keep Pets Safe Outside in the Summer

February 7th, 2017

The summertime means everyone is heading outside to enjoy the warm weather. Many families bring their pets outside with them, but the Durham vets at Colony Park Animal Hospital want to help keep all pets safe this summer. There are a lot of things in the summer months that pose a threat to pets when they are outdoors such as overheating, other animals, pests, and much more.Durham Pets

To keep pets safe outdoors in the summer heat, don’t forget these 4 tips:

  1. Limit Exercise on Hot Days. If the temperatures in Durham are over 90, keep pets indoors and only let them out for bathroom breaks. Then, when it cools down in the evenings, take them outside for a long run or walk.
  2. Make Sure Pets Can Cool Down. Make sure if a pet is let outside in the heat of the day to go to the bathroom, don’t rely on an outdoor fan to cool them down. Make sure they have access to ample shade and water to stay hydrated.
  3. Watch Out for Pests. The warm months are when critters come out. To keep a pet safe outdoors, make sure to know what pests are in the area such as snakes, ticks, or insects. If there is a dangerous pest in the community, keep pets on a leash while outside. Dog daycare in Durham is a great solution for safe outdoor play as well.
  4. Cool Down the Car. Cars get extremely hot during the summer. When pets are going for a car ride to the veterinarian’s office or pet store, make sure to let the AC run in the car before loading up the pet.
If a pet begins to show signs of heat stroke or is acting odd in the heat, contact a Durham veterinarian immediately. If it is after hours, please visit an emergency vet. If your pets haven’t seen a vet in Durham in the last year, book an appointment with Colony Park Animal Hospital today.

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