Wellness Plans for Pets in Durham, NC

happy pet Our staff at Colony Park Animal Hospital believes that taking preventative measures to protect your canine or feline friend against diseases and other health risks is extremely important in maintaining the overall health of your pet. That’s why our customized Wellness Plans focus on more than just treating your pet when they get sick - they also work to improve your cat or dog’s health through diet, exercise, and regular health and dental checkups at our full-service veterinary clinic in Durham, NC. Colony Park Animal Hospital’s comprehensive Wellness Plans encompass every aspect of your pet’s health care, including vaccines, dental care, blood work and radiographs. Our Durham veterinarians will work closely with you to tailor the plan to fit your pet’s lifestyle, diet, risk for potential diseases, past medical history and much more.

What is a Wellness Plan?

Although Wellness Plans truly differ from pet to pet, some components you’ll see in a majority of our plans include:
  • Vaccination schedule - Keep your pet regularly vaccinated against diseases like rabies, Bordetella and more.
  • Blood work panel recommendations - We recommend blood work at regular intervals throughout your pet’s life - it’s particularly important to start this early in your pet’s life to establish a baseline against future changes.
  • Chest radiographs - We tend to see heart and lung issues in many of our older canine and feline patients, so chest radiographs are vital in aiding the early diagnosis of lung and cardiac diseases.
  • And more

Don’t Wait to Start Protecting Your Pet dog vet wellness plan

Annual wellness exams are essential to your cat or dog’s health - don’t wait to take action. Please contact our Durham, NC veterinary office today at (919) 489-9156 to discuss yearly checkup scheduling and general veterinary wellness options with one of our veterinarians. We look forward to hearing from you. Colony Park Animal Hospital is proud to offer our Wellness Plans and annual wellness exams to patients in Durham, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Hillsborough, Cary, Raleigh, Apex and other areas throughout the Triangle.