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Dr. Shayne Zimmerman

Associate Veterinarian
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Dr. Zimmerman has been a veterinarian in the triangle area since graduating from NC State College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. She enjoys small animal soft tissue surgery and dentistry, and managing ongoing medicine cases. She completed training in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine in 2010. She takes into account both Western and Eastern approaches to patient assessment and diagnostics. The addition of Eastern treatment modalities have provided her clients with more options for managing chronic care situations and prolonging quality of life for her older patients. She would be happy to talk with you about how acupuncture and/or herbal therapy might compliment the care your pet has been receiving.

Dr. Zimmerman and her family live in Holly Springs with a petite pit bull, a 3-legged yorkie, and a feisty chihuahua; 3 cats; an african grey parrot and a green-cheeked parakeet. When she's not at Colony Park Animal Hospital, you can find her at her CrossFit gym in Holly Springs, or reading a good book.