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Pet Grooming in Durham, NC

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In order to maintain your pet's happiness and well-being, it's important to get in the habit of ensuring his or her fur, skin, and nails are properly cared for. At Colony Park Animal Hospital, we provide full bathing and grooming for pets in Durham and across the Triangle at our office, which is clean, spacious, and full of friendly faces that are here to make your pet’s experience a pleasant one.

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Our Bathing & Grooming Services in Durham, NC

Our bathing and grooming services will be tailored to your pet’s needs and include:

  • Thorough bathing with the HydroSurge washing system
  • Force blow dry to remove excess hair and reduce your pet’s drying time
  • Final brushing to remove any additional loose hair
  • Complimentary nail trim
  • Complimentary basic ear cleaning
  • Option for annual wellness exams or vaccinations during your pet’s grooming visit

Our Durham grooming services also include a consultation with our certified groomer. Please allow 5-10 minutes at drop off to discuss your pet’s styling preferences.

How Often Does My Pet Need Grooming?

Wondering whether regular bathing or regular grooming services are the right choice for your pet? Our staff will consider breed, age, and lifestyle when making recommendations. For most of our patients, we suggest scheduling a grooming appointment every six to eight weeks. We’ll find a routine that works for you and your pet.

How Often Should My Dog Be Groomed?

For most dogs, daily brushing is sufficient accompanied by regular baths for cleanliness. It is important to use the correct brush for your dog's fur. If you have questions regarding which pet brush would be best for your dog, contact our skilled Durham groomers today. Depending on your dog's fur length and quantity, professional grooming may be suggested every 1-3 months. Of course, some dogs require more or less.

Is Grooming Required More During the Summer?

Our Durham groomers can confirm that your dog's grooming needs may change in different seasons. Hair does not grow the same all year long, and growth is often determined by the outside temperature or time of year. Their hormones, overall health, nutrition and medication can also impact hair growth.

Typically, dogs will grow a thicker coat of fur in the winter and begin shedding that "winter coat" in the spring. Our talented dog groomers in Durham can help you discover if your pet's fur growth or overall coat is healthy or warrants a deeper consultation with one of our veterinarians.

Six Dog Breeds that Require More Grooming Than Others:

  • Poodle Varieties
  • Bichon Frise
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Puli
  • Siberian Husky
  • Pomeranian

Why Should I Groom My Dog?

Many people express the sentiment, "my dog is shedding again" or "my allergies are bothering me." Sometimes, grooming can help with those things. By scheduling routine grooming appointments at our Durham animal hospital, we can minimize some shedding and potentially alleviate some allergy issues as well. While we can't keep your dog from shedding, we can make it a bit more tolerable! Your carpet will thank us.

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Regular grooming promotes your pet’s overall health and happiness, and at Colony Park Animal Hospital, that’s our primary concern. We can also combine our grooming services with other veterinary care or boarding, so your pet can receive all the care he or she needs without having to resort to multiple office visits. We can keep your beloved pet looking and feeling like new.

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