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Veterinary Diagnostic Technology in Durham

Consistently voted the “Best of Durham” by Durham Magazine, our veterinarians at Colony Park Animal Hospital have over 75 years of combined experience. Our extensive knowledge, paired with the most advanced diagnostic capabilities, allows our Durham veterinarians to provide superior medical care in a caring, comfortable environment for your pet. On-site diagnostic technology allows us to quickly diagnose and treat your pet's medical problems, ensuring they receive the best possible care in the shortest amount of time.

Underlying causes of illness aren’t always apparent in pets. In order to better serve our patients, our veterinarians perform blood tests on your pet to quickly and safely determine the best course of treatment. We recommend annual bloodwork testing to establish your pet’s normal values and to help find underlying health concerns.

Veterinary Radiology in Durham

What is Digital Radiology?

Digital radiographs can help our veterinarians quickly diagnose abnormalities or irregularities such as:

  • Air in the chest cavity (pneumothorax)

  • Enlarged heart (dilated cardiomyopathy)

  • Fluid in the pleural cavity between lungs and chest (pleural effusion)

  • Fluid in the lungs (pulmonary edema)

  • Tumors

  • Bone fractures or breaks

  • Bloat (Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus)

  • Gastric or Intestinal blockage

What is Dental Radiology?

Digital dental radiology is used in all our dental procedures to detect periodontal issues and oral diseases to keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

Blood Work for Your Pets in Durham

Colony Park Animal Hospital offers comprehensive testing in-house. For more specialized testing, we utilize multiple reference laboratories to ensure quick, accurate diagnosis.

Common blood tests performed include:

  • Chemistry Panel:

    • These tests can provide our veterinarians a comprehensive look at kidney function, liver function and electrolyte levels.

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC):

    • This test helps to determine any abnormalities, such as an infection or anemia, by examining red and white blood cells, platelets, hematocrit, and the hemoglobin level in your pet.

  • Thyroid and Cortisol Levels


Urine testing is offered on-site to help evaluate:

  • pH levels

  • protein

  • glucose

  • crystals

  • white and red blood cells

  • bacteria


Ultrasounds are non-invasive and provide a more detailed look at your pet’s organs, allowing our veterinarians to efficiently and safely determine any potential issues. Ultrasounds are performed by a board-certified radiologist on-site by appointment.

Call us at (919) 424-0508 if you’d like to learn more about the diagnostics we offer.

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